A dental implants is a titanium screw system placed in the jaw to treat tooth deficiency. Dental implants called as screwed teeth, implanted teeth, fastening teeth among the people.We use dental implants placed on the jawbone for the treatment of complete tooth deficiencies as well as single tooth deficiencies. With dental implants that serve as the root of a tooth, you can get rid of removable dentures or removable dentures.

Dental implants Before After

By using dental implants ;

  • Your natural natural teeth are definitely not treated.
  • We prevent your bone loss as much as we can.
  • You have a more aesthetic appearance.
  • You can use fixed dentures instead of pluggable dentures.

Dental implant treatment varies depending on whether the implanted jaw is lower or upper jaw, whether bone graft is used, softness, stiffness and quality of bone, whether or not lifting is performed in the sinus cavity of the upper jaw.

If you need to give the average waiting time;

In the treatment of lower jaw implant …………. 2-3 months

Implant treatment of the upper jaw ……. 3-4 months

If sinus cavity removal has been performed…….6-7 months

If implant was performed using bone graft ……. 6-7 months

Since the anesthesia is performed before the implant treatment, you do not feel any pain during the implant. After the implant, you can control the pain if you drink the pain medication recommended by your doctor.

The implants should be cleaned daily. Our implanted tooth is no different from our other teeth. Brushing and flossing are also valid for our implanted teeth. Like our normal teeth, our implanted teeth need to be checked regularly every 6 months.

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