Extraction of wisdom teeth

Eruption of wisdom teeth occurs between late teens and early twenties. Wisdom teeth are latest to erupt among permanent teeth. Wisdom teeth may get stuck (impacted) against other teeth if there is not enough space for them to come through normally.

When wisdom teeth cannot erupt because of inadequate space they get impacted and are called impacted wisdom teeth. These impacted teeth can cause tooth decay, inflammation of the gums around it and movement of other teeth. İn this situations panoramic x-ray is taken and the relation of tooth with surrounding tissues are observed.

One of the most common problems with wisdom teeth are seen in partially erupted wisdom teeth, because of inadequate space part of wisdom teeth erupts and this causes inflammation and infection in the surrounding gum tissues, termed pericoronitis. Pericoronitis can cause pain, swelling of the face, very limited jaw range of motion(trismus) and difficulty in chewing.

Plaque control around partially erupted teeth are difficult because of its position. This plaque retention can cause caries in the teeth next to wisdom teeth. İn severe cases both of these teeth may need to be extracted.

When wisdom teeth need to be extracted?   

  • If it causes plaque retention because of difficulty in brushing and flossing in that area. Plaque retention also affects neighbouring teeth.  
  • If it is tilted toward buccal area and irritates buccal inner side of cheeks.
  • If partially erupted teeth cause food impaction. 
  • Infection of gums surrounding partially impacted wisdom teet (pericoronitis) 
  • If it causes pain in the adjacent tooth.
  • In some cases impacted wisdom teeth can cause cyst or tumor formation around it.  



How wisdom teeth are extracted? How the surgery is done?

Horizontally impacted wisdom tooth

İt is better to extract wisdom tooth if it is fully or partially impacted. Do not be scared when you hear the word surgery. İt doesn’t require general anestehesia. İt is done with local anestehia as in normal tooth extraction. 

After local anesthesia the surgery is done in sterile environment. The wounded area is stitsched. The sutures are removed after one week.

Wisdom tooth extraxtion aftercare

  • After the extraction there will be pain during healing period as in normal wounds. To minimize the pain you shold follow the instructions listed below.
  • İt is important lo keep the gauze on the wound area for at least 30 minuter after sthe surgery.
  • Patient shouldn’t spit or rinse for the first 24 hours.
  • İt is important to apply cold compresses to minimize the swelling.
  • İt is dangerous to smoke and consume alcoholic beverages for the first 1-2 days(if possible for one week).
  • Patient should keep the wound area clean.
  • Stay away from hot meals and drinks.
  • Do not with the side of the jaw where the surgery was done for at least 24 hours.
  • Do not eat anything till the numbness passes away after the surgery.
  • You can brush the teeth adjacent to the wound area after 24 hours.
  • You should keep your oral hygiene in optimal condition.
  • Take the medicines prescribed by your dentist.

Frequently asked questions about wisdom teeth 

How many wisdom teeth are there in mouth? Which teeth are wisdom teeth?

There are 4 wisdom teeth in the mouth. 2 are located in the upper jaw and 2 in the lower jaw. They are located in posterior sides. There are wisdom teeth on the upper jaw.

What are the symptoms of wisdom tooth eruption? How much pain do we feel when there is infection around wisdom tooth?

Wisdom tooth can sometimes erupt without any symptoms and pain, but sometimes can cause gum inflammation, trismus, lymphadenopathy, pain in the adjacent tooth, irritation of buccal mucosa, and headache. Those symptoms can appear during tooth eruption or after the eruption.

What can i use for gum infection surrounding the impacted wisdom teeth? 

Gum swelling around the impacted teeth are caused by plaque retention, food impaction and caries. Abscess can be formed and the swelling may affect larger areas if any procedure is not done. 

İf the swelling is caused only because of food impaction the problem can be solved by cleaning that area routinely.

İf the swelling is caused by abscess and caries you should use medicines prescribed by your dentist and get extraction done thereafter.

İf you have lymphadenopathy and fever you should start taking medicines(antibiotics) prescribed by your dentist.

How can we relieve the abscess around wisdom teeth?

The only way to solve this problem is to extract the wisdom tooth causing the abscess. İf you take only antibiotics and avoid extraction the abscess will be formed again after several weeks or months.   

When do the wisdom teeth erupt?

They usually erupt around 16 to 25. But rarely they can erupt after that age. 

For many days i will feel pain after wisdom tooth extraction? 

The amount and duration of pain depends on the difficulty of extraction, the position of tooth and its relation with surrounding tissues(especially nerves). Also it depends on your compliance after the surgery(listed above in the aftercare section). You should carefully read the Wisdom tooth extraxtion aftercare section.

What should i do if there is prolonged bleeding after the surgery?

İf you don’t use anticoagulants(aspirin, coumadin…) and don’t have systemic disease affecting coagulation the bleeding will stop after several minutes. İnsignificant amount of bleeding is normal and you will feel the taste of blood. İf bleeding continues 24 hours after surgery you should call your dentist.

Can i get all wisdom tooth extractions in the same appointment? Can 2 wisdom teeth be extracted at the same appointment?

İf it is not urgent and pain is is better to extract wisdom teeth one by one. Extraction of 2 wisdom teeth at the same time can be done if they are on the same side of the jaw(one upper and one lower teeth), in this situation you can chew with the other side during healing period. 

What will happen if i avoid removal of stitches after the surgery? 

İf your dentist told you to come for the removal of sutures you should come. İt is usually removed after 1 week. İn some situations resorbable sutures are used, in that case you don’t have to come for suture removal. İf you avoid suture removal it will cause plaque retention, bad odour and infection.

Will there be problem if i accidentally swallow the sutures?

There won’t be any problems. Sutures are usually produced from silk and it will be digested and won’t cause any problems in your digestive tract.

For how many days the pain will last after wisdom tooth extraction?

İf you follow the instructions about aftercare there won’t be much pain and it will prevented by medicines prescribed by your dentist.

Will there be lymphadenopathy after the extraction?

İt can be observed in some of the patients after the surgery. İt usually disappears after one or two days.

When the sutures will be removed after the wisdom tooth extraction? Will there be pain during suture removal?

There won’t be any pain during suture removal. İt is usually done after one week.

What can i use to relieve the pain caused by wisdom tooth?

Cleaning the area around wisdom tooth, using the pain medications prescribed by your dentist, flossing will relieve the pain. İn some situations rinsing with cold water will also relieve the pain.

What can be done after wisdom tooth extraction? Can dental implants be placed in that area?

Nothing needs to be done in that area. Wisdom teeth have no role in chewing and it is difficult to clean that area. İt is meaningless to place implants in that area because of these reasons.

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