Zirconia Crowns

The teeth will start to decay if tooth brushing and flossing will not be done regularly. İf the decay is limited to one or two surfaces filling is indicated. İf the tooth decay is serious and can’t be restored with tooth filling alone crown restoration is indicated. 

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İf there is caries and the filling is not done the tooth will continue to decay and caries will get bigger. İf there is a serious tooth decay crowning or crown in combination with filling will give more predictable results. Crown restoration can be made of zirconium or porcelain fused to metal. One of the hallmark characteristics of a dental crown is the way that it reinforces and strengthens a tooth. This is due to the way it cups over and encases it.  In comparison, placing a filling doesn’t substantially increase the overall strength of a tooth. İn cases of serious decay choosing this option may actually place the tooth at greater risk for fracture.

Whether to to coose porcelain fused to metal crown or zirconium crown depends on the tooth that that is going to be restored. Zirconia crowns are used in restoring anterior teeth or the teeth that are seen when you are smiling. Posterior teeth or the teeth that are not seen when you are smiling can be restored with porcelain fused to metal crowns. The main difference between them ıs their price. Zirconium crown costs much more as it is more natural looking and aesthetically superior to the porcelain fused to metal crown.

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How is single crown made? What are the stages?

The stages of this procedure is discussed step by step below:

  • The tooth that needs crown restoration is anesthesized before the preparation. Otherwise the patient will feel pain during tooth preparation.   
  • After the local anesthesia the tooth is prepared(shaped) with special burs for the restoration. A specific amount of tooth structure is trimmed away. Fiber post may be placed if needed. 
  • Dental impression is taken with dental trays and silicon based impression material after the tooth preparation is finished.     
  • Temporary crown is prepared and temporarily cemented. Your dentist will give you an appointment. Your dental impression will be sent to dental technician.    
  • After your crown arrives from dental technician we will evaluate the marginal fit, occlusal contact, appearance of the crown in your mouth. İt can be sent back to dental technician if any correction is to be made.  
  • At the final stage the crown is permanently cemented to the prepared tooth.

How much does single crown cost?

The price of single crown depends mostly on which tooth is to be restored. İt depends on several factors. The location of the clinic, the quality of work of dental technician. The price of single crown will be at least 250 tl. it may rise to 1000-1500 depending on factors discussed above.

How much does single crown cost?

You can contact +905397911311 to get more information.   

Full zirconium crown price : 750 tl 

Porcelain fused to metal crown price : 450 tl     

Tips for taking care of single crown.

You can get more information about this topic in article about taking care of single crown.

What will happen if i avoid single crown restoration?

İf your tooth is severely decayed and you don’t want crown restoration, your tooth will be extracted and dental implant will be placed. İf you want to get more information about dental implants you can read our article about dental implants.

Fiber post kullanımı
Use of fiber post to restore the tooth before dental crown procedure 

You can use your severely decayed tooth by restoring them with fiber post and crown for several years.

Zirkonyum tek diş kaplama
Single zirconium crown


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