Root canal therapy is the last step to save tooth before extraction. İf the tooth cannot be saved by root canal therapy it needs to be extracted. İn this article we will discuss every step of root canal therapy and try to answer all of your questions.

What is root canal therapy?

İf the caries reaches dental pulp, the innermost layer of tooth that contains capillaries and nerves, the tooth will lose its vitality. As the nerves and capillaries become infected there will be pain. The purpose of root canal therapy is to clean and shape the pulp and root canals and obturate it to prevent leakage of bacterial toxins to periapical area.

Root canal therapy is not done only to teeth with caries. İn some cases root canal is done in absence of caries, for example fractured teeth, cracked teeth, or because of prosthodontic planning.

What does endodontists do? What is endodontics?

Endodotist is dental specialist that does root canal therapy. Endodontics is branch of dentistry concerned with the biology and pathology of the dental pulp and root tissues of the tooth

İn which situations root canal therapy is done?

  • İf tooth causes pain at night, and causes sleep deprivation.
  • Large tooth fractures where dental pulp is exposed.
  • Too much tooth structure loss because of abrasion and if it causes hypersensitivity.
  • İf tooth loses it vitality because of trauma or orthodontics movement.
  • Tooth discoloration because of pulp necrosis
  • İf there is prolonged pain(for several minutes) after eating or drinking.
  • İf there is an abscess or fistule around the tooth.

How root canal therapy is done? Step by step

  • Local anesthesia is done to prevent any discomfort and pain during the procedure.
  • Decayed tissue is removed and access to pulp chamber is gained.
  • Root canals are shaped and cleaned.
  • Root canals are irrigated with disinfectants as chlorhexidine, sodium hypochloride and saline.
  • Root canals are obturated with gutta percha and sealant.
  • Coronal restoration is done with composite restoration. İf caries is large dental crowns will be needed to extend life expectancy of the tooth.

Frequantly asked questions about root canal therapy

How long does root canal therapy take?

The duration of this procedure depends on tooth anatomy, shape of the roots but it is usually between 30 to 120 minutes. The anterior teeth that has large root canals will take less time while the posterior tooth with multiple and narrow canals will take much longer.

İs root canal therapy painfull procedure?

Root canal therapy usually is not painful procedure. Because local anesthesia is done before the procedure to make your tooth numb. 

İs it normal to feel pain after root canal procedure?

There may be little pain after root canal therapy. İt can be prevented by taking pain medications.   

To get more information about what to do after root canal treatment you can read our article about after root canal therapy.

I had root canal therapy. But there is still pain. What should i do? 

You should take pain medications if you feel pain the days following root canal therapy. İf the pain persists after several days you should call your dentist.

Why does tooth with filling ache?

The cause of pain in the tooth with filling;

  • İf the filling is very close to the dental pulp
  • İf the filling is high and interacts with opposing teeth
  • İf there is caries beneath the restoration

İf you still feel pain after 1 week following procedure root canal therapy may need to be done.

Does root canal therapy have any known harmfull effects?

There is no documented harmfull effect of properly done root canal therapy in the literature. İt is the only way to save the tooth from extraction.

Why root canal therapy is done?

  • To relieve the pain of the tooth
  • To prevent the spreading of caries
  • To treat the abscess in periapical area of nonvital tooth
  • To treat fractured tooth with pulp exposure
  • To prevent pain after excessive tooth preparation of malpositioned tooth for prosthodontic purpose.

Can i eat after root canal therapy?

You can eat after the numbness passes away. İf your root canal treatment will be done in 2 visits,  after the first visit your dentist will use temporary filling. You should better not use that side of the jaw duing chewing. 

İs root canal therapy of anterior tooth difficult? 

Root canal therapy of anterior teeth are very important, it needs to be done carefully. İt is usually completed in less than 60 minutes.

İs root canal therapy during pregnancy safe?

Root canal therapy can be done in pregnant patients. Dental x-rays are not harmfull after the first trimester. Consultation with obstetrician is important.

Can i smoke after root canal therapy? 

You can smoke after root canal therapy. İt wuold be better if you stop smoking at all.

Can i consume alcoholic beverages after root canal therapy? 

You can consume alcoholic beverages after root canal therapy. You should better stop drinking or drink in little amounts.    

What is root canal retreatment?   

İf the pain persists or appears after several months in tooth that had root canal therapy root canal retreatment is done. To get more information about root canal retreatment you can read our article about retreatment.

You can get appointment from endodontist 

You can get appointment from endodontist through whatsapp

You can call send message to  +90 539 791 13 11  to get appointment from endodontist.

Do not forget that your tooth is better than any prosthesis or implant.

İf you have any other questions about root canal therapy you can contact us. 


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